What is Revolution Money Bomb?

RevolutionMoneyBomb.com is a crowdfunding program with an affiliate program.

Visit our about page for more information.

Who Can Be An Affiliate?

Anyone who loves and wants to promote liberty!

Individuals can join the program and can promote any fundraising project via their social media networks.  In addition to individuals of course bloggers, vloggers, website owners, Facebook page owners, etc., are all welcome.

Basically, anyone with an online audience who wants to promote liberty projects and earn money for their efforts is welcome to participate in our affiliate program.

How does the money work?

Fundraisers will pay 8% to the Revolution Moneybomb network (this includes the 3.5% in credit card fees) and they will pay an additional percentage (of their choosing) to motivate affiliates to promote their cause.

For example: A liberty project manager wants to raise $1,000 to pay for Facebook ads to promote a large event they are holding.  They pay 8% for credit card and network fees and then they decide to pay an additional 20% to the affiliates (individuals, bloggers, vloggers, etc.) for everything they raise.  While the fundraiser is paying out a larger percentage of what they raise, they now have access to multiple audiences totally in the hundreds of thousands of viewers, a number they could not even hope to come close to reaching on their own.  So while the fees are higher, in the end the project is able to raise 5 to 10 times the amount they would have on their own, and so the project reaches its funding goal.

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